leads for binary options Welcome to Fragiled Arts, a free layouts and graphics site. Formerly known as Le Dogmatique Arts, the website is well known for its original and high-quality graphics that allows for artistic interpretation, as I know each person will look at art differently. This includes designs, wallpapers, and avatars and many other things.

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This is part Three of your new journey with me.

A Little Blab on the New Theme

[EDIT] So SORRY to anybody who commented before... your comments accidentally got deleted *kicks cn*

Oh my goodness, this section is finally up! Hehehe, hope you find these useful. 8 extracts in there.

Tutorials: Yes, it's finally up as well. ^__^ Now there shouldn't be any broken links anymore.

New theme!!! coz the previous one's too small to work with hehe. I was planning on skinning v3, actually, coz some people actually liked it (I dont know what they saw on that version... I absolutely despised it) but sadly, I did something really stupid (something with the css). Because I'm too lazy to figure out what i did wrong, I just deleted the whole theme.

binary options trading affiliate program Hope you guys like this one: I ADORE it. It's titled Eden, because of its leafy and serene atmosphere. It's autumn here in Australia, so that inspired me to make an autumn layout too. I hope that you guys noticed the wintery navigation to the left. It means that winter is just around the corner! =) This took me a couple of weeks to work with, despite its simplicity. So this would definitely STAY (yeah, yeah, I always say that xD)

Also, I would like to thank whoever sent me that anonymous suggestion through the contact form. He/She suggested to use java tool-tips instead of the title/alt attributes. Looks great on the layout, but sadly I can't implement these on icons, layouts, etc sorry. Please email me again if you're the person who sent this suggestion!



highest paying binary options affiliate programs NEW LAYOUTS PLUGS TO:
Midori, Mika, Faye (<--She's back woohoo!), Phi, and Rilla

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06 Apr 2006 by Victoria

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