About Fragiled Arts

What is Fragiled Arts?
Fragiled Arts (also and used to be known as Le Dogmatique Arts) is my collection of art stuff, like music, drawings, graphics, designs, and poetry/stories. I find that I express myself better in these media than in any other medium I know.

Where did you get the name? Fragiled is a word that me and my sister made up. Try and look it up in the dictionary and you'll never find it.

Basically, it was inspired by making up a past tense of a word that doesn't have a past (ie, nouns, etc). Fragiled has a Christian meaning for me, but it would entirely depend on how you interpret this word. =)

About the domain?
Yes, this is my very first domain, and I am still trying to harness the unlimited power that I currently have... mwahahaha!! *ahem* Anyway, as I've said, I'm still trying to understand how to manipulate those extras that come with having your own domain.

Basically there were three main choices for the domain name: vanillafrench.net, rumraisin.net, and of course fragiled.net. I wanted fragiled.net, my sister wanted rumraisin.net, so to make it fair we drew these names out of a hat seven times, with redraws. And fragiled.net won fair and square. ^__^

If you want to be hosted by Fragiled.Net, send ME and email with three samples of your graphic skills, and absolutely everything about you and what you are planning to build here.

When did Fragiled Arts start to exist?
Fragiled Arts, hosted by xFluro under Nagaki's G1 promo, started on the first week of January. It used to be called Le Dogmatique Arts, or L-D Arts and was hosted by Bonnie. Here's the history:

Actually... L-D Arts sort of existed ever since I was a noob designer. First I had a geocities site called "Victoria7710's Site!!!1!" or something like that. Then I made another graphics website called "Dreamer" which then evolved to "Incision"... but that didn't attract much people coz of my noob skills. Then "Creation" came, which would have been alright if I wasn't a lazy butt and actually put up designs and content... >.< lol. Then, last but not the least, L-D Arts came into existence on September 4, 2005.

So yeah, it's got a bit of history.

What does Le Dogmatique Arts mean?
It's French for "Dogmatic Arts". Dogmatic means something that can't be explained... sorta like miraculous

Will Fragiled Arts ever charge for its services?
For pre-mades, of course not. But I'm considering a service in the near future that would allow visitors to get a custom, one-of-a-kind graphics (layouts, avatars, wallpaper) from me for a fee. This would mean that the watermark would not be on that customised graphic, but of course it is up to you whether you would like to link back here.

Any more questions concerning the website you can forward to vic2ria[nospaces]@gmail.com.

Fragiled Arts 2005-2006 Victoria Galang. All Rights Reserved.