My Gratitude extends to these people.


Leila, my sister, for paying for this domain as her Christmas present for me. Thank you!

xFluro, run by Nagaki, is where my domain is registered and hosted. Thanks mate!

Bonnie, or Boncha, thanks for hosting and sponsoring this really crazy portfolio of mine.

Tomoko, for hosting my composition. You're so cool man love love love your layouts mwah <3

Aiko, for hosting the PSDs and Vectors.


Destiny Hikari
Wonderful friend, inspirational, piano virtuoso.

Magitek Designs
The first graphics website I've been to, and who inspired me to start looking into webdesigning that's much more than centred tables and wysiwyg.


100x100 Community: Icon Brushes
1GreenEye Brushes: Brushes
44Suburbia: Brushes/Patterns
Aethereality Brushes: Brushes/Patterns/Textures
Annika Von Holdt: Brushes
Appassionato: Brushes
Blinding Light.COM: Patterns/Brushes
Broggadocio: Icon Brushes
BrushworX: Brushes
Deviant Art: Brushes
Digital Bristle: Brushes
Exotika: Brushes
Forbidden Fire: Brushes
Fractured Sanity: Brushes/Patterns/Textures
Hybrid Genesis: Brushes/Patterns/Textures
Inobscuro Brushes: Brushes
Komet Tails Brushes: Brushes
Magicbox Brushes: Brushes/Textures
Miss M Photoshop Brushes: Brushes
My-Antiquity.Net: Brushes
My-Antiquity.Net: Brushes
Papercuts Brushes: Brushes
Pootato Brushes: Brushes/Patterns
Project Zero: Brushes
Reckless Brushes: Brushes
Roshiweb Brushes: Brushes
Soar Above the Skies: Brushes
Studio911Design: Brushes
Squidfingers Patterns: Patterns
Sweet Roses Brushes: Brushes
Tekuteku Brushes: Brushes


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BW Greyscale
Celestial Star Gallery
Digik Gallery
Foto Decadent
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Index Stock Photography
Synthesis: Magitek Designs Gallery

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