The Current Version

Fonts: Texas Hero, Fluoxetine, Book Antiqua, Tahoma, Trebuchet MS
Image Credit: Victoria.
Brushes Credit: Papercuts Brushes, Braggadocio

This is my second attempt in making the ultimate eye-candy in designing. Simply organised but complicatedly (is there such a word...? lol) made, the making of this layout gave me grief and therefore would be skinned in the future to honour my labours. :)

Unlike the alternative and destructive feel of Version 1: Retro-spective, this layout is like going back to the roots of Le Dogmatique Arts. Older visitors might remember that L-D Arts' main layouts are a celebration of summer and life. I want Fragiled Arts to take a different look artistically, so v2 still celebrates the wonders and beauty of life, except that it's still not quite like the old website.

As an artist I have matured greatly, and this is reflected in my recent art if looked at in conjunction with my older ones. More mature and yet so innocent, this layout achieves the feel of spring. I hope that you guys like it. =)

Like it? Maybe you'd like this to be your SKIN

Part Two: Whispers in the Wind