Version Four: Eden

Type: Tables/CSS/Java
Date Added: 2006, 4th of April
Comments: Absolutely EVERYTHING was made by me. Besides taking inspiration from images on stock.xchange and the javascript from Dynamic Drive, there were no third party resources used, and I'm happy with that.

An autumny layout, the navigation are like windows: promising winter but the butterfly promises the spring that comes after that. It's titled Eden because of its allusion to nature.

This version also alludes to: Genesis 1-2 Why? Just read version 2 below.

Version Three: Transformations

Type: Tables/CSS
Date Added: 2006, March
Comments: I've basically turned the WHOLE site upside-down changing it to suit this layout. However, this was just a temporary layout, sort of a transition layout, hence it was only up for less than a month.

I despised it, coz it was too "monochrome" and too small to work with, but apparently a lot of people like it. >__<

Get over it people, I'm not gonna skin this mwahaha

This version alludes to: Ecclesiastes 3:11 Why? Just read version 2 below.

Version Two: Whispers in the Wind

Type: Tables/CSS
Date Added: 2006, 12th of February
Comments: Ok, so I said that I was going to skin this theme. But hey, I changed my mind. Why? Because the current version will not work with this version. It's complicated...

Anyway, I like this layout and am sad that I can't skin it. This is my second attempt in making the ultimate eye-candy in designing. Simply organised but complicatedly (is there such a word...? lol) made, the making of this layout gave me grief. But I like its Spring/Summery feel.

This version alludes to: Ecclesiastes 1:6. Why? I challenged myself to keep my Biblical allusion streak, which starts in this version. Let's see if I can keep it up till the last version of the year =)

Version One: Retro-Spective

Type: Tables/CSS
Date Added: 2006, 7th of January
Comments: Groovylicious!. I wanted to completely change the look of Fragiled Arts so that it would seperate from the sweet summer of L-D Arts. I like this one, as it loads very quickly due to its simplicity. Simplicity beats elegance if done well, and I reckon that this is one of those rare cases.

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