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Welcome to Inori Designs, formerly known as Divine Judgment. The site, opened on March 17th 2006, is co owned by Silversun and Sakuri to bring you high quality graphics for you to download and use for your site. Please feel free to bookmark the site and come visit any time :) Remember to leave a comment so we can visit your site!

Spring Graphics!

Saturday, March 25th 06

Hooray for more updates! @_@"" Instead of sneaking in updates like I did on Divine Judgment, Ill just make a new entry whenever I do razz

There are 2 new designs! The first one is in style 2 section and features Nakashima Mika.. I was inspired by Kuroi and Hiroko by their Nakashima layouts heh. I really like her music though. This layout looks very spring like -- she looks like she's underwater, and the colors also remind me of spring. The 2nd design I made this morning and features Chobits (wow an anime layout?! Silver, where have you BEEN?). Its called Spring Breeze and obviously also looks very spring-like :3 its in the style 1 section.

I added a blending tutorial. I love writing tutorials so I decided to make one of how I blend XD I know many people have blending tutorials, but they're always different and even I read people's blending tutorials because they're interesting. smile

There are 2 new avatars as well -- both are from the new layouts.

Well, nothing else to write really XD" This is more of a graphics update than a "stuff" update. Not many people do graphics updates nowadays crazy

I havent even thought about when Im going to make a new layout for Inori.. and I need to put up the Divine Judgment domain site ;p Going to see a movie in 10 mins though so thats for another time big grin

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