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Krystalis Designs is a graphics site that is hosted by Misaki and maintained by Kuroi. Here you will find free quality graphics for your personal use. Use the links on the right to navigate around the site. Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you again!

The current layout features the series Xenosaga. The image was found at AnimePaper and works best with Internet Explorer and a 800x600 or higher screen resolution.

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March 30, 2006
I'm sorry to break what was supposed to be the 'big news' for the past two or so weeks. Unfortuneately no new affiliates were chosen. Honestly I did not expect to get nearly as many applications as I had received; every site that applied was wonderful, but I felt that these 6 affiliates were the best I could have. With that said, affiliation is officially invitation only. Although if you feel your site will literally blow me away, you are more than welcome to send me an email.

However we have plenty of link exchanges! Please welcome Eternal Dream, inTechno, Rylon Designs, Hope Graphics, Silver Rein, Hisakata, Petalscape, and Beloved Dreams ! ...aaand link exchanges are now closed! I'm sorry but if my link was not on your site or your fclick (etc) was not working you have been removed.

School has mostly kept me occupied this week, but I did manage to scrounge up 7 ugly avatars. Feel free to view my embarassing 'LJ-styled' attempts which may blind you permanently. I am also working on the so-called new layout for Krystalis, although I think it will be a premade instead.

Faye is finally back with Enchanti.Que!
Kristine and Mika have a new layouts and finally updated! *rawr <3

Please take a look at Lin-sama's and my new icon journal, Colourique! You can see all of Lin's gorgeous icons there. (while I have yet to add something decent at all) :)

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