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  Welcome to Arcadien a growing graphic site owned and run by Sarissa. Arcadien provides mainly free layouts, which you can use at you own site, but you can find here few other graphics too.
Don't be shy, browse around and come back later <3.
[Did I mention that I don't like writing things like this? >.>]

Update #1 | 24 Mar 2006 | by Sarissa
[ E D I T ] I updated the AFFILIATES PAGE X3. As you probably noticed I have two new affies! At first Kagome & Akari of Surrealistic Memento accepted me! XD I was sure that they will reject me, so this was a surprise X3.
My second affie is Izzy of Mysterious Creations! I was SO SHOCKED when I saw her application ^^.
Both sites are awesome and the only thing you should do now is to pay them a visit!
[ / E D I T ]

I can't believe that this site is finally up! It took me about two months to open it >.>. To be honest I wanted to open the site n Monday, but I'll be extremely busy next week... On the other hand I just couldn't wait to put the site up...
Firstly, I had big problems after server's crash. When I got the new one I had a problem with the domain, because the one I wanted to register was taken.
I'm not sure if you noticed, but this site is a "second life" of Nightshade Designs, but just let me forget about the old site. It's dead, ok?

So what's old? Not much I think...
Unfortunately the webistress and her awful English is still here... However I think I improved a bit. I don't make such a stupid mistakes now and I just can't believe when I read my old posts or layout descriptions... so stupid mistakes...

I saved only 9 layouts. That means I deleted 11. One of them is still down, because I messed up with it and I'm to lazy to fix it...
Few avatars are still here as well as button textures. I deleted A LOT of content, but I feel better now ^^.

What's new? There must be something new after two month, right?
I added few avatars, which are not very good...
I added also one new div-layer layout (called "Tu Sei Per Me" - ID: 005). It's my third blue div layer... I really should change the color sheme someday >.>.

There's new site's layout, of course. It's SO simple... I don't know why I like it. Maybe because of purple color? No idea. Hope you like it...

And now the most important thing: affiliates. As you can see two of my affies are still with me. Victoria of Fragiled Arts and Hodie & Preksha of Prince Valiant Designs decieded not to cancel our affiliation. Girls, thank you for your support and patience. I really appreciate that! <3
I don't think I will get more affies in a while, because all the sites that I wanted to apply, closed their affiliation or there's only one free spot, so there's no chance that they will accept me.
If you're interested, feel free to apply.

This post is rather long don't you think? I'll be off. I have to write emails to all of my link exchanges. Yes I know, I should do this earlier, but I wanted to put the site up firstly. Unfortunately it took me longer than I expected.

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