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Welcome to Owaranai Kiss, a growing graphic resource owned and maintained by Kururu. This site offers various quality graphics for your website needs. Please make sure you read and understand the TERM OF USE before using any graphic provided here. Gain more hits for your website by joining Kiss Xchange today...

Comments and suggestions are welcome in order to improve the quality of this site. If you have some time please help this site to gain more hits by voting for me. Last but not least, thanks for visiting and hope to see you again next time.



Title: Now And Forever
Artist: Kururu
Series: X/1999
Type: Table
Size: 183 Kb
Date Added: March 28, 2006


2006/04/08 ~ (-_-")
I have to say many sorry for procrastinating the update. It's been two weeks since my last update. I haven't been online lately, I have so many things need to be done before the mid-semester test. I even don't have time to touch the computer. You may kill me if you want because I don't have many new graphics to be added today XD

Avatars//I added 2 new avatars from the following series: Fullmoon wo Sagashite and Fatal Frame. I made these avatars long time ago and finally got the time to put them here. I really like the one I'm using right now =)

Wallpapers//Special thanks to Artemis Master for donating a beautiful wallpaper featuring Sister Princess. He's such a great artist ^^

Link Exchange//Introducing my wonderful link exchanges, Arcadien Designs and Hoshino. If you have some time, do visit these gorgeous sites!

Plugs//Surabhi, Zeke, Hikari, Jenny, Kristine, Ree, Elysium, Jason, Kathreen, Janet, Mitsuko, Shinkara, Tsu-Yukii, Hinata, Fainaru, Kuroi, Sarissa

[Edit]Time for the super plug!! Preksha-Hodie and Vicky have a new layout up for their site! Their new layout is very stunning. Go and check out their site, you'll know what I mean.
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2006/03/28 ~ HAPPY
I'm back! Yes, I'm updating to let you know that I am still alive! I finally can take a little rest because I've finished my projects but it's almost the time to prepare myself for the midterm exam. I've been very slow in updating this site, but I promise I won't let this site dying.

Layout//I added a new table layout. It's featuring Kotori from X/1999. This layout is best viewed with Firefox or Opera, I think it will look a bit messy if you view it with Internet Explorer. I don't know why but I will try to fix the coding later. Enjoy it...

Avatars//I got my mood back... Four new avatars have been added! One of the avatars is exactly the same with the avatar featured in my X/1999 table layout and the others are from Shinshi Doumei Cross series.

PNGs//I extracted a Shinshi Doumei Cross PNG. I'm currently in love with the manga *I'm a big fan of Tanemura Arina* I will extract morw PNGs later ^^

Affiliates//Zeke from the Twilights Wake is back! She's finally found a new host for her beautiful site. Pay her a visit... Some of my affiliates are down at the moment, they might lead to broken links.

Plugs//Thanks a lot to everyone who commented on my previous update. Sandra Hinata Nukie Hikari Kyra Pinkie Preksha Tsu-Yukii Piyo Phi Jenny Fei Ruolin Ree Janet Elysium Jenna Shuurei-Chan Yura Vicky Drei Kuroi Surabhi Ichigo Chan Hodie Fainaru Zeke Mitsuko Christina Ayra Elly
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