Extracting Images

Requirements: Adobe Photoshop 7.0+

Previous Knowledge: No previous knowledge required

Introduction: Just like blending, I had nobody to teach me how to extract PNG's. Why? Well, just like blending, I wasn't fortunate like you to find a tutorial.

We will be using the MAGNETIC LASSO to select and the POLYGONAL LASSO to clean up. There's probably a gazillion ways of extracting images, but this is the way that I learnt and is the easiest for me and might be the easiest for you as well. I find that I extract PNG's faster this way too, only taking me 5-10 mins per image, depending on its size.

Extracted images are saved NOT as jpg, because you would have just extracted in vain. It's NOT saved as gif, because while we can have transparent BG's in a gif, it loses quality. We will be saving it as PNG's.

PNG's are basically like PSD's, or BMP's... each file is humongous but you lose no quality. PNG is a universal file extension and could be read by both PS and PSP.

1. Choose an image. This is the image that we will be extracting... it's Orphen from Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: one of my fav animes.

2. Now, we select the magnetic lasso. If you don't know where to find it, here's a screenie:

3. When extracting images, it's great to work with a magnified image. So magnify the image to 300%.

4. And we start from a point. I usually just start wherever, but for this tutorial's sake we'll start at Orphen's extended leg just so that it's easy coz there aren't much curves.

We carefully glide the outline of his shape. Note that we glide, we don't click anything. The lasso automatically anchors points depending on the amount of colour change within your "outline".

The magnetic lasso works great in curves, which the polygonal lasso isn't too great at. But note that the magnetic lasso does not work magnificently in sharp turns, so that's when you click to anchor points manually.

5. Now, because of this, the polygonal lasso because quite useful to clean them up. Select this type of lasso, then select "subtract from selection". Here's a screenie...

And outline the bits that got selected that shouldn't have been selected. This time, you'd have to anchor the points manually.

6. You're bound to get bits that didn't get selected, so just click the "add to selection" icon, just to the left of the "subtract from selection" icon, and do the same thing.

7. After you're happy with your selection, you should have outlined Orphen's flying form with marching ants all over the edge of his body xD. Now what I'd like you to do is to right click the image, then click "Select Inverse". Delete the background.

8. En voila! You have an extracted image!

Save your extracted image as a png file by hitting Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S. On the first drop-down box that you see, select PNG-24, then hit save.

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