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♥Not too happy

I'll make this short, I'm staying studying for midterms. It ends tomorrow, thank gosh. But I have to catch up on everything else so I might not be able to update tomorrow or whenever till weekend. First my affiliate Ellada's ex-friend got her site in trouble so that's not too good. I hope everything gets resolved. Second my other affiliate Victoria of Fragiled Arts has her two layouts stolen and somone claiming to own F-A at blogspot. Awful! Plus they are using my avatar with no link back. Its not the best avatar I made which I admit but still a link back is mandatory. http://www.blogskins.com/me/FragiledArts This is going insane. I'm gone for less than two weeks and everything goes haywire. Well literally. Anyways thanks for all the comments, no time you reply yet. I'll do it on next update and I'll comment on everyone. I only checked the major ones. Email me or comment if you have any comments/concerns/questions. Sorry about the award, I'll give them out when I'm done. Gotta go back to studying, midterms are hard.
Jan 30 2006 by Christina

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