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Welcome To Kawaii Dreams || I killed My Teddy

Welcome to Kawaii Dreams, a graphics site owned by Elysium. Here you will only find graphics which are my very best. Please take the time to browse through Kawaii Dreams and remember to read the Terms of usage before taking anything. You are currently viewing version 6.0. Hopefully you will find something that will interest you! Enjoy your stay <3

March 8th 2006 ~ Contest and Awards
Visit Skyefairy's site to find out more information on Skyefairy's Top Designer Layout Contest and when voting begins, cast your vote wisely! Vote for whoever you think has created the best layout overall. You have to have an account at Morrowindl to be able to vote.

Latest News

An update at last!
Phwee! Thank you so much for all your previous comments! (: Please join my Nana Fanlisting! if you're a fan! I need to plug some people too, Izzy's site <3 Mika's new layout! Silversun's new layout!(sorry for the late plug.)

Faded Memories is gone. I hated the name. Everyone (or a lot of people) seem to be using names like that so I decided to make a new network site called
I killed My Teddy! Hehe, yup, that's my new network site and I like the name so there. xP It now contains a section which will contain some of my artwork (although there us none currently) and an article section where I'll write my opinions on things etc.

And now for the updates! I designed 2 new table layouts! The first one is random but it's different from what I usually design and the second one features someone from the series Kingdom Hearts <33 Tell me what you think please :3 1 new wallpaper was added. It's simple but I like it in a way. The PNG used was from Summer Skies. Last but not least, 12 new avatars were added. I was on an avatar making roll. The avatars also have a new look to them. They used to never be aligned properly o_o.

One new link exchange was added and now link exchanges are closed. I don't want to have a thousand link exchanges either. I'll let you know if I open up link exchanges again. Well, that ends todays updates. (: Enjoy the new additions <3
By Elysium On 02 Apr 2006

//Edit:: I hate editing. ;P But, I have some good news! Phantasm Reviews is finally open! It's my review site! Please leave me some comments on how you like the layout. I'd appreciate them! And your welcome to apply for a review ^^ Click here ~ Phantasm Reviews!

Like OMG, guess what!! Kawaii Dreams has turned a sweet 2 years old :3 Thanks to everyone who sent me a Birthday gift <33 They're all displayed under the "About/Domain" section. It may be that some of you guys are seeing this update tomorrow or yesterday because of the time difference xP Ah wells. Looks like you guys have to put up with me for another whole year!

Updates for today...1 new i-frame layout! The section hasn't been updated for years x) Hope you like the new layout, it features the series Nana, yet again. One new PNG was added too, and guess what series it's from! NANA!! (yet again.) Oh yeah and 2 avatars were added from some random series and Ayashi No Ceres ^^ Enjoy! :D

I'm wondering whether to close down the textures section...It's hardly ever updated because I don't really want everyone using the textures I use for my layouts otherwise they might all look the same...I'm still considering it though, I'll yet you guys know.

I have 3 new link exchanges, which were added in the last few weeks and a coupke that were added ages ago and I forgot to mention v_v Sorry. Also, be sure to visit Skyefairy's site and take a look at her gorgeous new layout <33 It's so sweet =)
By Elysium On 24 Mar 2006

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