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Welcome to Owaranai Kiss, a growing graphic resource owned and maintained by Kururu. This site offers various quality graphics for your website needs. Please make sure you read and understand the TERM OF USE before using any graphic provided here. Gain more hits for your website by joining Kiss Xchange today...

Comments and suggestions are welcome in order to improve the quality of this site. If you have some time please help this site to gain more hits by voting for me. Last but not least, thanks for visiting and hope to see you again next time.

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Title: Sunny Day
Artist: Kururu
Series: Time Stranger Kyoko
Type: Wallpaper
Size: 216 Kb
Date Added: February 2, 2005

Download []

2006/02/06 ~ NEW THEME
Thanks to everyone who commented on my last update. I'm feeling much better right now. Finally, a new layout for Owaranai Kiss. I know it's not the best, but hope you like this Valentine-themed layout. I changed the whole coding and CSS, I messed it up =P Quality over quantity! Yes, I did a hude revamp to the site. I've pruned a lot of old graphics, since they're under my current standard. And I will keep doing it step by step in order to improve the quality of this site. College starts on Thursday *finally after this long break*, I won't be able to update this site as often as I did. It will be a weekly update, I'm not going to abandon this site.

Layouts//Removed all pop-up and guestbook designs. I lose my interest making them. Most people don't really like using pop-ups, I will add more designs later to replace them.

Avatars//I added three avatars from TRC series. I'm using one of them right now. And *again* removed a few avatars.

Textures//A new section is up! There's only one texture at the moment, I will add more textures later.

Linkage//I re-arrange the linkage section. I'm accepting link exchange. If you want to link exchange with me, feel free to use use the contact form.

Plugs//Plugging my beloved affiliate, Vicky from Fragiled Arts. She has a new layout up, it's very impressive. Request buttons for your site at Lynx Button Shop. It's awesome! *Thanks Cath!*
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2006/02/01 ~ UPDATE
I had been really tired since the Lunar New Year so I couldn't sleep at night. Insomnia?! I don't know, maybe I should see a doctor to find out. And even worse, now I've caught a cold due to lack of rest *sigh* I only added a few thing today because I have to go back to bed. I'll add more on the next update.

Wallpapers//I made a new wallpaper featuring Time Stranger Kyoko. This wallpaper using the image I used for my TSK div layout, but I guess it's okay because it looks completely different from the layout. It may not be the best but hope you like it =)

PNG//I extracted two PNG from the series Disgaea and Moonchilde * I have no idea what Moonchilde is*

Plug//Hodie and Preksha from PV Designs have put up a new layout! It's worth a visit...

[Edit] Kiss Xchange has moved here. To all the members, please update the code. Special Plug! Janet has started a new button rotation called X-tenshi Exchange. She's currently hosting a layout contest with a lot of prizes to win! Visit her site for further information...
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