Krystalis Designs is currently down while Kuroi is doing major revamps and general site maintenance. We will be back no later than Monday, March 6, so please be patient. Through schoolwork and exams I am using all my available time to work on Krystalis and get it back up.

Expect a new layout and a lot of changes when we're back! Perhaps some graphic additions too... I can't say I made all that much though.

Note: If you've sent me an email this past week and I have not replied, this means it's lost somewhere in my 212 emails in my inbox (yes, I did say 212, out of which 204 are from Mika >_>''). If it's urgent you're welcome to MSN me at If it's something that can wait, feel free to email me again at ... just remember I probably won't respond for a couple of days or so.
edit uhh make that 268 emails.. and im going to stop checking themmmm... now. :3

While you're here please take the time to check out my affie's sites... the ones that are alive anyway:
Vicky - we share the ultimate owning dimension <3
Kristine - no love cuz you didn't tell me you updated ):
Mika - she got a new daily hits high today! (March 4)
Goldie - She is leaving for uni soon *cries and clings* T-T
June - because she is just THAT awesome. (:

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